Our professional technicians have a wide range of experience servicing, troubleshooting and repairing all types of electrical and electronic signs.

Electrical Sign Repair
Outdoor electrical signs are exposed to extreme conditions over the course of several years. As your sign ages, a variety of issues may possibly arise causing partial or total electrical failure. Our technicians will quickly identify the source of the issue and correct them, restoring your sign to working order.

Interior Lighting
Many business’ operate in structures with high ceilings making it extremely difficult and often dangerous to attempt the most basic maintenance as changing out a fluorescent tube. Utilizing proper equipment and safety gear, our experienced technicians will make the necessary repairs.

Parking Lot lights / Wall Packs
Outdoor lighting endures the same harsh conditions as outdoor electrical signs do, often causing the same outage issues. Depending on placement, our technician can safely clean and/or repair a light fixture with a simple ladder or one of our high reaching bucket trucks.

Emergency 24hr Calls
Although it is a rare occurrence a sign owner will find themselves in a position where an immediate response may be required. This is more likely due to a concern to public safety. Abnormally high winds can cause signs to dislodge from its mountings or an plexi-glass face will separate from its box. This is where we come in…. to prevent injury to the public and stop or minimize and further damage to and property by quickly securing or even temporarily removing the hazard altogether.

Service Fleet
Every service job is different and requires different equipment. After decades of experience, we can quickly assess your needs and recommend the most appropriate option from our fleet of bucket trucks and cranes (all with operators)

We needed our site survey fast and Rainbow did not let us down. Along with site photos we were able to provide our clients with accurate detailed drawings much sooner than expected. ~ Plus Signs Team

It is reassuring to know we can count on a professional service and installation company as Rainbow Neon Signs for all of our projects in the Ottawa Valley region. ~ Steel Signs Co.

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